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15 Jan


Last week, I realized that the amount that I write (constantly) isn’t accurately reflected by how often I update this blog (never). And by “realized,” I of course mean that my friend Jeff Toth said almost exactly those words to me. So you have him to blame if you hate this.

In an effort to get myself in the habit of blogging more regularly, I’m going to start throwing up the weird little writing projects that have been living in my documents folder forever, counting the bricks or trying to dig their way out with a spoon or whatever. Prison metaphor. You get it.

The goal is one a week, while the backlog lasts. This one is called “Busted,” and it’s a super short crime-comedy script that I can’t remember why I wrote. Anyway, I just re-read it and it’s okay. Hope you enjoy.

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The ways I was scammed in Asia

9 Sep


Up until last Friday, I was traveling in Southeast Asia with my friend Donovan. We were backpacking, I guess, but I don’t think either of us are the type of fart-sommeliers who think that makes us Karouac and Burroughs. It was a vacation. And we had a great time, too. The food was great. The people were great. Even waking up at four AM because I ate Cambodian BBQ and Pho in a 24 hour period and open war broke out between them was great because at least that way I had some time to get back into my book. In other words, it was pretty typical of most trips to Asia.

Another way it was typical is that some of the locals looked at us like big, stupid sacks of money with legs. They were entirely right to do so.

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