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The Martian Doctor’s Daughter

25 Feb


So this is my entry into the final round of NYC Midnight’s Short Screenplay Competition. I get to find out on March 12th if the judges actually thought it was any good. Here are entries one, two and three.

For this one, the criteria was:

  • Genre: Open
  • Object: Birthday Cake
  • Location: Morgue

That first bit was intimidating, but exciting. On one hand, one less choice to make when building an outline is acutally pretty comforting, but this time the choice was all mine. On the other, I didn’t really get the opportunity to do either of my favourite genres yet–namely “science fiction” and “hardboiled”–so this was basically a chance to grab my action figures and smush them together for five pages.

So, uh, yeah. Here’s what that looks like.

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The Enemies Within

10 Feb

My third entry into the NYC Midnight Shorts competition. Entries one and two are here. No word yet on whether this one advanced me to the next round, but we’ll see. The criteria I had to write this one around were:

Location: Airport

Object: Spray paint

Genre: Horror

That last bit hung me up a little. I’ve never really written straight horror before, and I felt like something I’d be more comfortable with (like meta-horror or horror-comedy) might risk disqualification. But I like plenty of horror movies and horror short stories, so I thought I’d start by trying to figure out what I responded to in those.

I realized pretty quick that my favourite horror stories did one of two things. They either used the “horror” genre as a way to piggyback in some kind of cool sci-fi or fantasy mythology, or they took advantage of the genre’s disreputability to piggyback in some anti-establishment social commentary. I decided I’d try to make my short do both and… well…

Let’s say I feel like I learned something.

If you’re feeling up to it, let me know what you think in the comments.

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